That ‘Bombshell’ About Trump Offering Julian Assange a Pardon to Cover-Up for Russia Was Total Garbage

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Shocker: That 'Bombshell' About Trump Offering Julian Assange a Pardon to Cover-Up for Russia Was Total Garbage

You’ll want to sit down for this one.

Apparently, that “bombshell” report that Donald Trump had nefariously offered Julian Assange a pardon to cover up for Russian hacking of the DNC was absolute garbage. I know, I know, it’s shocking totally unexpected that our news media could make such a “mistake.”

Here’s the original report, which incredibly has not been corrected yet by the astute, totally credible The Daily Beast.

LONDON—A lawyer for Julian Assange has claimed in court that President Donald Trump offered to pardon Assange if the WikiLeaks founder agreed to help cover up Russia’s involvement in hacking emails from the Democratic National Committee.

Assange’s lawyers said on Wednesday that former Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher offered Assange the deal in 2017, a year after emails that damaged Hillary Clinton in the presidential race had been published. WikiLeaks posted the stolen DNC emails after they were hacked by Russian operatives.

Yeah, well except that’s a totally false claim. Dana Rohrabacher himself actually had to correct the misinformation, noting that he had never discussed the matter with Donald Trump and was acting alone. He also never promised a pardon, only that if information was delivered that he’d request one.

Of course, even in the face of the original report being exposed as fake news, the media are continuing to do their best to spin it. Here’s Aaron Blake over at The Washington Post still getting it wrong.

Meanwhile, Michael Isikoff, who was famous for helping build a circular credibly steam for the Steele Dossier (i.e. Yahoo News claims something via sources, the source is actually the dossier, but others claim Yahoo News is independently confirming the dossier) decided to write an article on the matter. In it, he does get around to telling the truth, but decides to wait five paragraphs to do so. The headline is also meant to get the reader to assume Trump was involved. Again, he wasn’t, and it’s been proven he wasn’t.

This story never made sense in the first place. Why would Trump need to bribe Assange to do what he was already doing, which is shill for Russia? Further, a pardon from Trump would do nothing to help Assange escape his other legal problems. Apparently, critical thinking isn’t something they teach in journalism school.

Once again, the media ran with another absolutely garbage Russia collusion story, not bothering to confirm it and not bothering to even get comment from the person at the center of it (Rohrabacher). And once again, we’ll see no corrections, no apologies, and no introspection. They’ll just move on to the next hoax. But don’t you dare question their value and credibility.



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