Sean Hannity Calls CNN’s Brian Stelter “Humpty” Face to Face

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Brian Stelter

Humpty It Is

Cable News Wars can be absolutely brutal and the toll it takes on hosts can be excruciating. I don’t believe any of that but I thought it sounded good to start this off.


Unless of course, you are Stelter than you are cursing the DNA gene pool again.

According to Brian himself, Sean pulled this maneuver on him not too long ago and Potat errrrrrrrr Humpty was sad.

From the Pluralist

CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter revealed recently that his current nemesis, Fox News host Sean Hannity, calls him “Humpty” to his face.

Stelter and Hannity have been embroiled in a Twitter feud over the former’s upcoming book about Fox News and President Donald Trump.

The “Reliable Sources” host is a frequent target of conservatives, with many criticizing him for his purported bias against right-leaning media outlets.

Stelter has engaged in a long-running spat with Hannity, who accused him of being “obsessed with hating Trump and hating Fox News” during a segment of his show that aired in August.

Stelter has been a frequent punching bag of us here at Red State also. His show “Reliable Sources” is incredibly reliable on covering for the other CNN hosts screw-ups and trying to make other media outlets not look as ‘credible’ as CNN. Howie Kurtz over at Fox has had the cojones to cover the scandals at his home network being that is what a reporter on media is supposed to do. I’m pretty sure Stelter would tinkle in his big boy pants if he ever tried that with any of the program goofs at CNN. Just the whole self-analysis with Michael Avenatti that Stelter did showed he is incapable of any critical analysis. He excused his love of the former hero of the left away with a glance of his hand.

Stelter has been obsessed with Fox and their hosts’ success and Hannity has absolutely blistered him for it. So when Mr. Stelter was at a party in December he alleges that Sean Hannity and he discussed his upcoming book on Fox News and President Trump and Sean called him Humpty to his face.

That. Is. Funny.

Now I know that the do-gooder bunch will say that you should not do that. Humpty Stelter can’t help that he looks like an egg. That part is true. However, in the media game, these S.O.B’s will call you a liar or worst on the air with lil or no proof, collect a big paycheck doing it and then call you even worst names off the air. At least Sean Hannity had the courage of his convictions to call this dufus to his face what he tweets.

If you want to knock Sean Hannity or other competitors off their pedestal than beat them in the broadcast arena. Then you can call Sean and his perfectly manicured head of hair some goofy name and see if it bugs him. I doubt it will but why not amuse us and give it a try for once.

In the meantime keep mocking Mr. Potatoe “Humpty” Head while he keeps doing what he is doing. Slanting media coverage on his network to look as good as James Earl Jones sounds when he says “This is CNN.” That is really the only reason to turn on that network and right after that intro is the time to flip the channel.

Maybe we can start a go fund me to purchase some of those books to help him beat his fellow CNN colleague Jim Acosta who according to Hannity only sold 14,000 copies. We could all use a really big book with a picture of an egg head on our coffee tables to keep drinks safe on those tables. Sean

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