MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch And Other Media Liberals Panicked After Democrat Debate In Nevada (VIDEO)

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MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch And Other Media Liberals Panicked After Democrat Debate In Nevada (VIDEO)

Many people in media agree that the biggest winner of the Democrat debate in Nevada this week was President Trump.

Democrats spent almost the entire evening attacking each other and inflicted many wounds, leaving their party looking bloodied and beaten rather than unified.

Bernie Sanders made it through the event maintaining his status as the front runner. This leaves Democrats in a a very weak position for November if nothing changes.

Donny Deutsch of MSNBC’s Morning Joe admitted that he is panicked.

News Busters reports:

Morning Joe on Debate: Trump ‘Big Winner in Spades,’ Donny’s ‘Absolutely Panicked’

Pity the poor liberal media. The Democrats staged a nasty debate last night, and the man who emerged the “big winner” was none other than… President Trump! So said Joe Scarborough and Donny Deutsch on today’s Morning Joe.

Willie Geist said “They tore the skin” off of Michael Bloomberg. Making matters much worse, Donny divined that Bernie Sanders is “rolling” toward the nomination, yet has “no shot” at beating Trump.

That left poor Donny upset, that “two-thirds of this country thinks we’re going in the right direction, and you have a guy who wants to burn it down? To me, I just don’t see him having any shot in a general election. And I’m panicked. I am absolutely panicked.”

So how did President Trump win a debate without even needing to participate? Because, as Scarborough observed, “nobody laid a glove on him. They were too busy tearing each other to shreds.”

Watch the video:

Deutsch is not alone. In the video below, you can watch as multiple members of the media express the same feeling of dread.

They should be worried.

Trump is well positioned to win re-election.

It’s the liberal media’s worst nightmare.

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