Biden Says He Can Beat Trump Because an NBC Poll Says So

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Democratic presidential hopeful former Vice President Joseph Biden (File photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

Democratic presidential hopeful former Vice President Joseph Biden (File photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

( – The divided Democrats running for their party’s presidential nomination were united on one thing Wednesday night — one of them must beat Donald Trump in November.

But they differed on the best way to do that.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg drew on his experience in running the nation’s largest city.

And then former Vice President Joe Biden weighed in, pointing to an NBC poll:

“In terms of who can beat Donald Trump, NBC did a poll yesterday,” Biden said.

It says Joe Biden is best equipped to beat Donald Trump. That’s what your poll said. It says I can beat him in those toss-up states, too, the states we have to win.

I’m ahead by 8 points across the board, so in terms of being able to beat Donald Trump, I’m better positioned, according to your poll, than anybody else to beat Donald Trump, number one.

Number two, the mayor makes an interesting point. The mayor says that he has a great record, that he’s done these wonderful things. Well, the fact of the matter is, he has not managed his city very, very well when he was there. He didn’t get a whole lot done.

He has stop and frisk, throwing close to 5 million young black men up against a wall.

And when we came along in our administration of President Obama and said, we’re going to send in a moderator — a mediator to stop it, he said, that’s unnecessary. So we’re going to get a chance to talk about the mayor’s record, but in terms of who is best prepared to beat Donald Trump, look at your poll and what it says.

Just before Biden spoke, Bloomberg told viewers, “I think we have two questions to face tonight.”

One is, who can beat Donald Trump? And number two, who can do the job if they get into the White House.

I would argue that I am the candidate that can do exactly both of those things. I’m a New Yorker, I know how to take on an arrogant conman like Donald Trump that comes from New York.

I’m a mayor, or was a mayor. I know how to run a complicated city, the biggest, most diverse city in this country. I’m a manager. I knew what to do after 9/11 and brought the city back stronger than ever.

And I’m a philanthropist who didn’t inherit his money but made his money. And I’m spending that money to get rid of Donald Trump, the worst president we have ever had. And if I can get that done, it will be a great contribution to America and to my kids.

And the other candidates make their case…

For the record, Sen. Elizabeth Warren said she would beat Trump by being “on the side of working families” and being willing “to get out there and fight for them.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders said he would achieve the high voter turnout necessary to win by “bringing working class people together” behind his agenda — Medicare for all, a higher minimum wage, and having the “guts to take on the fossil fuel industry.”

Sen. Amy Klobuchar agreed that the path to the White House is a high voter turnout:

“I’m the one on this stage who had the highest voter turnout of any state in the country when I led the ticket, as well as bringing in rural and suburban voters, and I’ve done that as well. And I’m the only one with the receipts to have done that in Republican congressional districts over and over again,” Klobuchar said.

And finally, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg suggested that Democrats “wake up as a party” and put forward “someone who’s actually a Democrat.”

Buttigieg said most Americans don’t see where they fit “if they have to choose between a socialist who thinks capitalism is the root of all evil, and a billionaire who thinks that money ought to be the root of all power.”



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