Mark Penn: “This Is Really The Last Hope For Accountability” On Trump/Russia Investigation Spying | Video

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Former Clinton senior adviser Mark Penn talks about “the last hope for accountability” for allegations of wrongdoing regarding the Trump-Russia probe on FBN’s “Mornings With Maria” Bartiromo.

MARIA BARTIROMO, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK: Attorney General Barr tapping federal prosecutors across the country to look at high profile Russia probes involving Trump associates like about Michael Flynn. What they’re looking at before what FBI the says was the official start of the investigation into Trump in July 2016.

But you and I both know there was plenty of action as early as the end of 2015 where they invited Michael Flynn to go to Russia to sit next to Putin. Tell me your thoughts on the AG’s moves with regard to the investigation and the predicate to investigate Donald Trump.

MARK PENN: Well I am a little puzzled that Andrew McCabe wasn’t prosecuted because he was on tape in the second interview lying and it did receive a strong condemnation of the inspector general, but it does look like Barr is conducting a thorough investigation here.

Look, on Roger Stone, I wrote two articles over a year ago saying an incredibly unfair prosecution of Roger Stone when you look at kind of lying with real national import that happened here with FISA warrants, and all of these unprosecuted lies went on by FBI. Even you look at Sally Yates setting up Michael Flynn with, quote, Logan Act, we know it is a pure fantasy.

There is so much that is really we have not seen accountability yet this is really the last hope for accountability.

It doesn’t look good with McCabe wait and see, real accountability has not come despite reports that show obvious wrongdoings.

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