Dems Are Screwed For 2020 And Should Focus on 2024 Says Greg Gutfeld

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Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders

That might be a lil premature to say 2020 is over but you have to admit they are getting super duper nasty with each other.

The one and only Greg Gutfeld on his show “The Five” yesterday was pontificating about how the media was looking the other way in promoting Mike Bloomberg as the savior nominee. We are now seeing that the fix is truly in that no one in the Democratic party really wants Bernie as the nominee.

Except for that ever so vocal group of kids we lovingly call BERNIE BROS. Here is what Greg said…

From Fox News

Gutfeld went on to say that the media’s generally tolerant attitude to Bloomberg shows the Democratic Party is frustrated with Sanders’ populist campaign, which the “Greg Gutfeld Show” host said is built more on support for Sanders’ platform rather than any specific urge to defeat Trump.

“You can see the passion is on Bernie’s side, but with Bernie, it is like choosing the way you are going to be executed. If he is nominated, you got a socialist. If he’s not nominated, you got chaos in your own party,” Gutfeld said, adding: “I think Democrats might be so screwed right now, they should be thinking about 2024.”

I agree with Gutfeld that the MSM is warming up to Bloomberg but for a very BIG reason. All the media companies including Fox News had a record 4th qtr with political advertising fueled by Mike Bloomberg. They are all chattering about how much he has already spent this quarter and more is coming. Bloomberg has allegedly already spent close to 400 million on locking up talent with contracts until Nov, even if he drops out. He is also spending in states he was not running in like Iowa and New Hamshire.

This is all brand new territory.

If your bosses are thrilled that they are making record profits regardless of ratings ya think that maybe word will come down to show the guy making that happen a lil love.

The Democrats are going to kill themselves on the way to Milwaukee and it starts in earnest tonight in Las Vegas. Bloomberg appears on stage for the first time with the other midgets and they take aim at him and his money and his record of saying really stupid things.

So don’t hand the 2020 election YET to Donald Trump. Once again if you listen to Trump’s campaign manager he is PLEADING with people to get out and vote and get others to do the same. People thinking something will happen doesn’t actually happen unless they actually do it.

Because if the Dems follow the 2016 model and pick a billionaire from New York to lead the party, you never know what could happen.

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