Corrupt or Lazy? Missouri Media Flops on Ethics Committee’s Complete Exoneration of Eric Greitens

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Corrupt or Lazy? Missouri Media Flops on Ethics Committee’s Complete Exoneration of Eric Greitens

Guest post by Bill Hennessey

What do CNN and Breitbart have in common?

  1. They’re not based in Missouri.
  2. They both read the Missouri Ethics Commission’s report on former Governor Eric Greitens and reached the same conclusion: Eric Greitens was completely exonerated by the MEC. Or, to quote CNN’s headline, “no evidence of wrongdoing.”

No evidence of wrongdoing is about as total as exoneration gets.

So, why did Missouri’s failing major newspapers, the corrupt St. Louis Post-Dispatch and floundering Kansas City Star, tell a different story? Did they not read the report (lazy)? Or did they read it and decide to publish lies (corrupt)?

Look at the stark contrast between the national news and the local news:

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (STLToday):


Kansas City Star:

How can CNN get it right but the Post-Dispatch can’t?

How can Breitbart announce the truth while the Kansas City Star repeats lies?

Missouri’s bush-league reporters have absolutely zero justification for their false, misleading headlines. Do the Star and the Post simply lie about people they don’t like. Or do the write their stories before events occur and never bother to check their predictions against reality?

Most of Missouri’s major television and radio news reporters did something even worse. They just parroted what the failing newspapers wrote instead of reading the report themselves.

The Gateway Pundit’s report on Governor Greitens’ exoneration is here.

The fact is the Missouri Ethics Commission found zero evidence of wrongdoing by former Governor Eric Greitens. That fact doesn’t fit the anti-Greitens narrative created by Missouri’s lazy and corrupt reporters.

Watch this report from OANN for all the details:

It’s safe to assume that when CNN and Breitbart agree that Eric Greitens is fully exonerated, you can bank on it.

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