‘This Is Insane,’ Laura Ingraham Tells Female High School Athletes Competing Against Biological Males

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“If this rule was in place, I probably wouldn’t have had the athletic career that I had,” Laura Ingraham told three teenage female athletes being forced to compete against transgender biological males.

The three Connecticut teens and their lawyer joined Ingraham on her Monday Fox News Channel program to discuss their lawsuit against the state’s policy allowing biologically-male transgender athletes to compete in girls’ high school sports leagues.

Because of their biological physical advantages, the male athletes have won competitions, depriving female athletes of competitive opportunities, Ingraham explained, drawing on her experience as a female athlete in the Connecticut school system:

“If this rule was in place, I probably wouldn’t have had the athletic career that I had. And I was very fortunate to have that. We have great schools in Connecticut – but, this is insane.”

The Connecticut law sends a very discouraging message to female athletes, Ingraham said, quoting from the lawsuit:

“This reality is discrimination against girls that directly violates the requirements of Title IX. Because schools are permitting males to compete as girls and women, girls and women are losing competitive opportunities. To American girls – those with XX chromosomes – the message is, ‘Give up, you can’t win.’”

“Let’s get back to reality here,” Ingraham says, listing the natural physical advantages of male athletes:

“They say: we’re women and we want to run as women. Although, I do have to put up the physical advantages. Let’s get back to reality here, because I like to deal in reality. Here are the physical advantages that men have are over women – these are physical, cannot be changed by hormones or anything else:

  • “Broader shoulders,
  • “Larger lung capacity,
  • “More skeletal muscle mass,
  • Greater bone density in arms,
  • “Upper-body strength is, no doubt, a lot stronger, as well.

“This is just the way it is,” Ingraham concludes.

In the interview, the three girls explain how they’ve lost competitions to biologically-male transgender athletes, and how they’ve even been subjected to “hate” as a result of their lawsuit seeking fairness for females in girls’ high school sports.

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