Nevada Democratic Party: We Will “Absolutely” Report Results Of Caucus On The Same Night | Video

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Molly Forgey, the Nevada Democratic Party spokesperson, told CNN Tuesday morning that the party’s “number one priority” is to make sure Saturday’s caucus goes on without any of the problems that plagued the Iowa caucus.

CNN HOST: CNN heard from some precinct captains that they were nervous about this weekend because they didn’t feel they were fully prepared, despite there have been hours and hours of training. They were nervous about this weekend and how to handle it. What do you say to them?

MOLLY FORGEY: That’s right. From the beginning, we developed a very robust training program, one that is encouraged every single community to turn out, making sure we have bilingual training, training materials in all three languages, English, Spanish and, Tagalog, and we made sure our folks understood, not just how to run a caucus at the precinct level. but also the foundational knowledge of running a caucus.

If they’re new to the process or veteran volunteer, like you mentioned, we’re doing trainings around the clock, that’s going to happen every day up until caucus day. We’re offering one on one training, in-person trainings, hands-on, via webinar, you name it, we’re doing it the. The number one thing is getting the process right and making sure we’re protecting the integrity of this process and that our precincts have the support they need to execute a successful caucus on Saturday.

CNN HOST: Absolutely. Can you assure folks that the caucuses will — that the caucus will go without a hitch on Saturday?

MOLLY FORGEY: Yes, we’re feeling very confident. We had our heads down, working around the clock in the last three weeks and we feel very good, very confident. We know we’ll have the most accessible, expansive, and transparent caucus in Nevada history.

CNN HOST: Will you be able to report a result by the end of the night? That could sound like a ridiculous question but after Iowa, it is not so ridiculous.

MOLLY FORGEY: Sure, absolutely. Like I said, our number one priority is getting the process right, making sure results are accurate, that’s our number one priority and we know, we understand everyone wants to know the outcome of the Nevada caucus because we play a crucial role in this primary as the first diverse state to make its voice heard. That’s our priority right now.

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