Hell Yes, Barack Obama Fundamentally Transformed the United States of America; Read this Amazing Thread

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Hell Yes, Barack Obama Fundamentally Transformed the United States of America; Read this Amazing Thread



Five days before Barack Obama won the presidency, he told supporters, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Unfortunately, he was telling the truth.

It’s become glaringly obvious that the Department of Justice changed “fundamentally” during the Obama years. It didn’t become so highly politicized by accident. The following thread from The Epoch Times’ Jeff Carlson shows how, by deliberately following the policies formulated by Obama and carried out his attorney general, Eric Holder (and continued by his successor, Loretta Lynch), over an eight year period, the transformation was accomplished.

Due to the strict, highly political hiring practices enacted by Holder and then Lynch, most, if not all, of the department’s employees were Democrats by the time President Trump took office.

Federal law prohibited the administration from basing hiring decisions on political affiliation, but Obama, Holder and Lynch easily found ways to get around that.

Additionally, they used money from settlements received during the financial crisis, funds which had been intended to help homeowners who had suffered financially from falling real estate prices, to make donations to activist groups of their choice.

They had also mastered the art of stonewalling.

If any of you are wondering how the deep state has become so entrenched and iso powerful, read this thread.

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