‘Greatest Abuse of Power I Have Ever Seen’

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‘Greatest Abuse of Power I Have Ever Seen’ – Quid Pro Joe Calls on AG Bill Barr to Resign (VIDEO)

5th-place-quid-pro-Joe on Monday called on US Attorney General Bill Barr to resign during an interview with MSNBC.

The Deep State-Democrat-media complex has been attacking AG Bill Barr since he smacked down Mueller’s prosecutors for abusing Roger Stone by recommending a 7 to 9 year prison sentence for process crimes.

The shampeachment hoax blew up in the Democrats’ faces so they had to cook up a new scandal.

The new left-wing narrative being parroted by the media and other Deep State actors is that there is a “crisis at the Justice Department.”

The Washington Post and New York Times happily reported that more than 1,100 former DOJ DC swamp creatures signed a letter calling for Attorney General Bill Barr’s resignation.

Joe Biden joined the calls for Barr to resign and MSNBC hack Nicolle Wallace didn’t even push back.

“This has been the greatest abuse of power I have ever seen at the hands of this president, who has no sense of decency or understanding of the Constitution,” Biden said. “And Barr’s facilitating it is beyond my comprehension. No president, no president, no president has ever intimidated an attorney general into abusing power as much as this man has. It’s disgusting.”


Biden is one the most corrupt men in all of Washington, D.C.

For Biden to call out Bill Barr and President Trump for ‘abuse of power’ is laughable.

Biden made himself and his family millions of dollars selling his political office to foreign nations.

Biden is on video bragging about shaking down Ukraine and threatening to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees unless they fired the prosecutor investigating Burisma and his son Hunter.

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