Democrat Who Left Party After Attending Trump Rally Not Backing Down in the Face of Harassment

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#WalkAway: Democrat Who Left Party After Attending Trump Rally Not Backing Down in the Face of Harassment

President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a campaign rally at the Target Center, Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

In case you missed it, on Friday I wrote about the moving story of Dr. Karlyn Borysenko, a psychologist and author who made the decision to leave the Democratic party after attending a rally for President Trump in New Hampshire that was held shortly before last Tuesday’s primary.

To quickly recap, she wrote in her blog post at Medium about how attending the rally was “like a breath of fresh air”, that everyone “talked and shared their perspective without shouting or rage or trying to cancel each other.” She said what she saw there completely changed her perception of what Trump voters were like.

That, combined with her growing frustrations with left’s cancel culture obsession and intolerance of differing viewpoints, inspired her to leave the party and register as an Independent.

Her blog post went viral, and was even tweeted out by the official Trump War Room Twitter account. It also received a ton of positive feedback from Republicans, Independents, and other former Democrats including members of the #WalkAway coalition.

But as you might imagine, she’s also faced harassment and ridicule from the left over her announcement. This is something Borysenko alerted her growing Twitter following to in the aftermath of her decision to go public:

But even in the midst of the nasty treatment she’s received from The Usual Suspects™ and stating she now sees the left “in a whole new way”, Borysenko isn’t letting it get her down. In fact, not only is she considering doing a follow-up post showing the perspectives of others who have traveled down a similar political path, but she also noted “business inquiries” are picking up:

The whole point behind left wing outrage mobs and coordinated campaigns targeting people who don’t toe the liberal line is to either get them to conform or shut up. Borysenko has made it crystal clear that she plans on doing neither. In fact, it appears the attacks on her from the left are actually emboldening her to get even louder.

Good for her.

(Hat tip: The Blaze)

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