Calls Joe Biden Obama’s Lap Dog

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Bloomberg Returns Fire: Calls Joe Biden Obama's Lap Dog

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg listens to his introduction at a Moms Demand Action gun safety rally at City Hall in Nashua, N.H. Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018. (AP Photo/ Cheryl Senter)


The irony in the headline is that Bloomberg doesn’t like guns unless they are his bodyguards.

Now that Michael Bloomberg has qualified for tomorrow night’s debate in Las Vegas and will appear for the first time with the other Democrats vying to take on President Trump, he is practicing getting chippy. He has started off with taking on former V.P. Joe Biden and the ‘other’ Mayor in the race, Pete Buttigieg.

This is going to be fun.

From the Pluralist

Bloomberg told Reuters in an interview earlier this month he would contrast their experience to his success as billionaire chief executive of global financial information and media company Bloomberg LP and three-time mayor of New York City.

Asked by Reuters how he would differentiate himself from his rivals in a debate, Bloomberg said he would emphasize his experience as the former mayor of America’s biggest city and as the head of a large multinational company.

As vice president under Barack Obama, Biden “reads speeches that somebody writes for him,” he said during a campaign stop in Compton, California, on Feb 3. “That’s the job. His job was not to manage but to do some things the president needed done and for all I know he did a competent job.”

Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates countered that the former senator oversaw Washington’s stimulus program to counter the 2007-2008 financial market crisis, among other things.

Calling the kid from Scranton Pennsylvania just a script reading lackey are fighting words on the mean streets that Joe Biden grew up on. Mini Mike has bitten off a bit more than he can chew now that he has fired that shot. (Once again a totally ironic statement being Bloomberg wets himself at thought of being near a gun.)

We honestly have no idea what Joe’s job was in the White House was being President Obama has been pretty silent since his former V.P. jumped into the race and has squandered a pretty good national lead by just being himself. In fact, if you have watched any of Mike Bloomberg’s ads on T.V. ( which how can you avoid them?) you would think that Bloomberg was the number 2 under 44 and that Obama had endorsed Mini Mike to take the top job already.

So Bloomberg is going to take on Joe and whack him than pick on the “other’ Mayor from a town that hardly anyone knows about unless you like College Football. Mini Mike is really good at being petty but he has no charm when he does it as Trump does. You can say whatever you want about “The Donald” but he does play to the crowd and they love it.

Who genuinely loves Mike Bloomberg unless he is paying them?

Showtime is about ready to begin and the next phase of the Democrats Civil War is about to get rolling. Tune into Red State here tomorrow night to follow all the frivolity.

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