USC College Republicans See Their Tent Destroyed and the American Flag Spat Upon. What’s the Right Way to Respond?

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For some, civility has gone the way of the dodo bird.

At the University of California at Santa Cruz, two worldchangers attacked a College Republicans information tent, tearing up stuff and spitting on the American flag.

Purportedly, according to one of the revolutionaries in the video, that red, white, and blue thing is a symbol of “white supremacy.”

Watch the national conversation here — what happens when you’re so enlightened, you destroy people’s personal property with a smile? (Language Warning):

Does she smile because she’s smarter than the other folks, or because she doesn’t expect any repercussions? Or both?

Twitter saw its share of response:

Situations such as the USC assault make me wonder: Is videoing the incident rather than defending oneself an effective response? To be clear, I’m not suggesting violence would be okay. I’m only asking — was there a different and better way to react?

RedState’s venerable streiff has thoughts:

College Republicans UC Santa Cruz President Dylan Temple spoke to the Post Millennial, and here’s what PM had to say:

The Post Millennial can report that one of the assailants who destroyed a College Republicans booth and assaulted a tabler at the University of California, Santa Cruz, has been identified as 23-year-old queer activist, Martina Martin, who also uses the name Artimus Martin.”

It also detailed the incident:

On Feb. 7, Martin and another young woman were filmed vandalizing the booth at Quarry Plaza on the UCSC campus. Martin, who uses “they” and “them” pronouns, can be seen taking the lead on the attack by trying to forcibly yank a “Trump 2020” flag from Hayden Williams, who was tabling at the booth and was scheduled as a guest speaker later that day.

“This is a flag of white supremacy,” Martin says in the video, which has since gone viral after being uploaded this week. As the two tussle over the flag, chairs and items are knocked over before Martin shoves Williams to the ground. Martin then tears down the booth’s banner and spits on the Betsy Ross flag before fleeing from the scene with the accomplice, who had torn up a sign.

The video does not show what happened before the vandalism began but Dylan Temple, president of College Republicans at UCSC, says the incident started when Martin tried to steal a flag. He says the incident was immediately reported to campus police.

It reminds me of what happened at UC Berkeley, almost exactly one year ago today (again, beware the language):

Not long ago, a mantra on the Left side of the aisle was, “Tolerance.” I’m not suggesting that word was ever much adhered to in terms of diversity of ideas, but these days, disagreement can be downright brutal.

How do we stop this? From any and all sides?

Let us all know in the Comments section.



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