Scott Presler, Chided For Cleaning Up Filthy San Francisco, Renders Critics Speechless With this Question

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EPIC: Scott Presler, Chided For Cleaning Up Filthy San Francisco, Renders Critics Speechless With this Question

A number of syringes are seen in the remains of a tent city being cleared by city workers along Division Street Friday, Feb. 26, 2016, in San Francisco. Homeless people have until the end of Friday to vacate a rambling tent city along a busy San Francisco street declared a health hazard by city officials earlier this week. The mayor’s office says about 40 tents remain, down from a high of 140 tents this winter. The tents have lined both sides of a street under a freeway overpass for months, drawing complaints from residents and businesses. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)


Liberals were outraged last summer, as they usually are, after President Trump called the late Rep. Elijah Cummings’ Baltimore district “a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess.”

The squalid condition of West Baltimore inspired conservative activist Scott Presler to organize a group of volunteers who spent a day cleaning up the city. His movement, #CleanUp, has since “cleaned-up” homeless camps in cities throughout America.

Here are before and after videos of a Los Angeles homeless camp.

On February 1, Presler organized a clean-up of a homeless camp in filthy San Francisco and protestors showed up. Why anyone would object to a group of activists volunteering their time to improve living conditions for homeless people in their city is beyond me.

Anyway, Presler tweeted that a young woman became very aggressive. He then asked one question which no one could answer.

He wrote: “I was cleaning up the streets of San Francisco & this young woman became very aggressive. I don’t know what came over me, but I proclaimed my support for @realDonaldTrump on the dirty streets of SF & people listened. I hope this goes viral.”

Here is what Presler had to say to his liberal critics:

Why are illegal immigrants more important than Americans? I’d like to hear an answer.

Why are illegal immigrants more important than homeless people sleeping on the streets? Why do we, in one of the biggest economies here in California, take care of illegal immigrants, but our people are sleeping on the streets. I’d like to hear an answer to that. Why? No one can ever answer that question. Why don’t people put American citizens first, yet illegal immigrants get everything?

I hope you post this. I want this to go viral because I give a damn and I care about my community.

My Dad is a retired Navy captain. He served our country honorably. My grandfather is a retired Navy captain. And I’m doing my part to help our country because I give a damn and I’m going to fight for it.

And I’m 100% voting for Donald Trump on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. The Democrat Party does not put our people first. They put sanctuary cities first. They put illegal aliens first. They tax us. They tax our water. You can’t even shower and do laundry on the same day, while Nancy Pelosi is getting hundreds of thousands of dollars, robbing our pockets, not doing anything for our people, not passing legislation, passing out pens like they’re candy.

Meanwhile, President Trump is signing the United States/Mexico agreement and signing trade deals and he’s cutting our taxes and he’s securing the border and he’s putting our veterans first. I am proud of President Trump and I am voting for him because he’s putting the American people first. Period.

Thank you. Thank you. Register to vote.

Why, indeed?

Bravo Scott! Bravo!


Watch the video.

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