McCabe Claims He Was ‘Unfairly Branded a Liar,’ Blames Trump for Being Fired

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More Whining: McCabe Claims He Was 'Unfairly Branded a Liar,' Blames Trump for Being Fired

FILE – In this May 11, 2017, file photo then-acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe listens on Capitol Hill in Washington. The Justice Department has repeatedly refused to provide McCabe with documents related to his firing, according to a lawsuit filed on his behalf Tuesday, June 12, 2018. McCabe was fired less than two days before his scheduled retirement amid allegations that he had misled internal investigators. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File)


In the wake of the announcement by the DOJ that they would not be pursuing charges against former FBI official Andrew McCabe (at least as far as the information alleged against him in the IG report), CNN and McCabe himself went all in whining about what a victim he was and taking a victory lap.

CNN who now employs McCabe as a commentator actually had four segments about him on Friday.

Check out this effort to rehabilitate this character and let’s remind everyone that though the U.S. Attorney’s Office decided not to prosecute, the IG still found that he had lacked candor repeatedly including under oath in regard to leaks to media and that he was fired from the FBI because of that. Not only did he lack candor about the leaks, but according to the IG report, he even admonished two FBI agents for the leaks that he was in fact behind, according to the Daily Caller.

First, here’s CNN’s Brianna Keilar who blames President Donald Trump, saying McCabe was a “target of the president” and how “Trump has gone after him,” ignoring completely McCabe’s improper actions and that it was the finding of the Obama-appointed IG that found McCabe acted improperly, not Trump.

It’s all just Trump’s “maniacal rage” according to McCabe, “for absolutely no reason whatsoever.” Boy, the gall and still lying, this time in the service of CNN and the narrative. Poor poor boy, such a victim.

Then, here’s Abby Phillip, bemoaning the poor “real people” beset upon by Trump. Pro tip? Roger Stone and his wife who were surprised at 6 a.m. with armed police are “real people” too. As are Michael Flynn and his family.

Then there’s this one.

As glad as I am that the DoJ and the DC attorney’s office finally decided to do the right thing today, it’s an absolute disgrace that they took 2 years and put my family through this experience for two years before they finally drew the obvious conclusion.” Yes, how dare make a criminal referral against you!

Keiler massages it still further, claiming “Many observers looked at this investigation and they believed it to not have merit.” Really? Who? CNN hosts? Because that isn’t what the IG thought or virtually anyone honest about the facts. Making a decision not to prosecute doesn’t change the facts.

Finally, McCabe did another stop on his rehabilitation tour with Anderson Cooper. Cooper notes how McCabe is “understandably angry about all of what he’s been through.” How about all of us being angry for what McCabe and his buddies have put the country through with their actions? He is not the victim here.

McCabe continued, “To be removed from that organization and unfairly branded a liar because that was the desired outcome by the president has just been one of the most sickening and demeaning experiences of my life, it’s horrendous.” No, you were branded as having “lack of candor” by the IG. It was the conclusion of the Official of Professional Responsibility that you be fired. Suggesting that their conclusions were somehow because of the “desired outcome by the president” is wrongly impugning them. Then he dares attack Fox News for reporting the truth. Not a demonstration of integrity of integrity, on any level.

Of course, Cooper didn’t push back against the obviously false spin.

How Trump managed to infiltrate the mind of the independent Office of Professional Responsibility or the Obama-appointed IG, he doesn’t say. Nor does he explain the seeming contradiction if Trump was influencing things against him and was trying to get him, why the DOJ didn’t pursue the charges against him?

But I wouldn’t breathe easy just yet, McCabe. Durham is still investigating.

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