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Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders addresses attendees during the AFL-CIO Workers Presidential Summit in Philadelphia, Penn., September 17, 2019. (Mark Makela/Reuters)

So we wrap up this short-lived webathon effort — to raise $25,000 to supplement NR’s relentless effort to throttle the truly horrid ideology of Socialism — tomorrow (Sunday, Feb. 16). In the last couple of days, nearly 200 friends of NR have stepped up to help this effort. All have our deep appreciation, but let us pick on one supporter, the great patriot, Kirby Wilbur, the voice of afternoon sanity in Seattle. He is always there for NR. His generosity of cash is attended by generosity of spirit: “How can I say no. NR is the on the front lines of the fight against all forms of leftism, a fight which we must win to retain our liberty. Wish it could be more.”

Kirby, your friendship and kindness is priceless. And we hope inspiring. And we hope the same from these good folks who also saw fit to stand alongside us on the barricades:

  • Paul dropped a C-note and said, “I’m more worried about the MSM commentary falsely painting Buttigieg as moderate than I am about Bernie, who rejects the attempts by his fellow-travelers (such as Krugman) to paint him as moderate.”
  • Hot diggity palindrome, Laurie sent $1,001! And this comment: “Sock it to ’em! If anyone can make a meaningful difference, it’s the geniuses at NR! Thank you!!!” We’ll sock it to ’em in addition to popping ’em. Thanks so very much Laurie.
  • Lowell sends in $50 and speaks the hard truth: “You can vote your way into socialism but you’ll have to shoot your way out.” Ask any Venezuelan! Thanks Lowell.
  • One more. Guy likewise puts $50 in the tip jar, and a song in our hearts: “America’s strength is maintaining our Democratic Republic along with healthy capitalism. Thanks for educating our nation about the dangers of Socialism in any form. Thank you for standing firm for Truth, traditional morality, and particularly our First Amendment Rights.” We can only do that because you are with us, Guy. Many thanks.

Can you help us pop ’em and sock ’em? Well, truth is, you can. But . . . will you? Please do so, because our fight is your fight, and it’s a fight for our principles. Socialism is a nasty piece of work, not magically palatable because it finds itself championed by a determined, alluring coot from Vermont, now the standard-bearer for a party gone bonkers. Maybe you can’t match Laurie’s 1,001 smackers, but $25, $50, or $100, sure would help a heck of a lot, and would be received with the deepest appreciation. Be part of the NR band of brothers and sisters who are insistent on battling Bernie’s Socialism. Donate here. If you prefer to send your kindness by mail, make your check payable to “National Review” and send it to National Review, ATTN: Defeat Socialism, 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1701, New York, NY 10036. God bless!

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