Andrew McCabe Gets a Reality Check After Whining That the DOJ Was Unfair to Him

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Andrew McCabe should be facing prison time right now, but alas, we don’t live in a country were justice is blind. So instead he’s going on CNN, even after admitting he committed crimes, and whining about how unfair the DOJ was in their investigation of him. This is the same guy who helped trash Michael Flynn’s life over a supposed lie that neither Flynn, nor the agents interviewing him thought was a lie.

Here’s McCabe on CNN clutching his pearls with faux indignation.

Yes, the investigation into McCabe was an absolute disgrace, but mostly because it ended with him not in handcuffs. Meanwhile, McCabe and his cohorts did far, far worse to others while proclaiming their righteousness. This is what having no shame looks like.

But instead of just ranting, I’ll let Undercover Huber lay it out in the most concise way possible.

McCabe isn’t an idiot. He knows exactly what he did and he knows exactly how hypocritical it is for him to now cry foul after he’s destroyed numerous lives in pursuit of the same crimes he committed himself. But like most bureaucrats, McCabe lacks the ability to feel shame and believes himself to be above accountability. Elections? Presidents? Laws? None of that applies to these people. They are a law unto themselves and continue to flaunt it in the faces of Americans who are wondering what the heck our justice system even stands for at this point.

The damage done to these institutions is likely irreversible. It’s not Donald Trump’s fault. It’s not Bill Barr’s fault. It’s McCabe, Comey, etc. who have absolutely destroyed the credibility of federal law enforcement and that will be their legacy. No amount of CNN hits is going to change that.



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