On Saturday Christians, Priests and Families Met to Pray at the St. Louis Statue in Forest Park

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Last week the Gateway Pundit announced a prayer rally on Saturday at the iconic St. Louis Statue on Art Hill in Forest Park in St. Louis City.

We planned the rally because there is currently a petition by local leftist and radical Umar Lee to remove this beautiful landmark in St. Louis City.
There is also a movement to rename the city because St. Louis was allegedly “Islamophobic.”

Umar Lee has been stirring up trouble in the area for years.

(We posted more on Umar Lee below the videos.)

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Several priests showed up at the statue to pray around the time of our rally. One local priest was heckled and harassed while he tried to explain the history of St. Louis of France.

The mob threatened to take the St. Louis Cathedral next!

Local leftist activists planned a counter protest against the Christians.  They smeared our gathering as a KKK rally.   Of course, their lies put our lives in danger.

Several families, local Christians, Catholics and Jews came to join our prayer rally on Saturday at noon.

Here is what happened next…  The unruly mob screamed at us, flipped us off, threatened several people and blew horns as we recited a rosary.

It is truly a shame that local St. Louisans do not know the history of King Louis the IX of France.

He was truly an honorable man and a man of great faith.

Here is more on St. Louis.

We want to thank all of the local Christians for showing up for the prayer rally.

More on Umar Lee.
Lee is behind the renaming of St. Louis City.

Umar Lee was arrested in Ferguson and stirred up the crowds there too.

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