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Washington, DC — Even though in different cities, President Donald Trump and Joe Biden gave us a tremendous presidential debate preview on Thursday. Joe Biden has been gifted the Democratic nomination, with the mainstream media now running his campaign. It has required little effort or appearance by the Democrat, but that is going to change.

In a campaign stop on Thursday, Biden was greeted by two sets of protestors. One set, supporting the radical left-wing movement of Black Lives Matter. The same movement that has told Joe Biden and the rest of the country if they do not get what they want, they will burn it all down.

The other set of protestors was Trump supporters. Those same “crazy” people who will attend rallies, are called racist bigots, and want to preserve the nation, rather than destroy it.

President Trump has dealt with the protests for weeks. He’s had to respond and to act. As the media runs Biden’s campaign, the only question that remained was what he would do once he had to campaign again. It was not disappointing.

Joe Biden immediately made one of this famous gaffes in his comments. In talking about the coronavirus, he said that over 120 million were dead from the virus. Global deaths are still less than half a million. Global cases are still less than 10 million reported.

Across the media, everyone ignored Joe Biden’s statement. CNN did not fact-check this as they would have a Trump statement. It was never mentioned on their site, MSNBC, CBS News, ABC News, or any of the others. It was completely ignored.

They were only interested in the campaign snippets, where Biden attacked Trump and said that he believed limited testing would result in fewer cases of the coronavirus. They used the events as an opportunity to attack Trump for the Justice Department trying to dismantle Obamacare.

Anytime that Joe Biden is put into a situation where he has to respond with any form of emotional statement, he makes this kind of gaffe. Which is where the debate preview comes into play. President Trump will go at Joe Biden very quickly in these debates.

This is not going to be a friendly situation for dementia Joe, where he is given the easy ability to respond. Joe Biden has threatened Americans to take them outside when exchanges get heated. He has struggled to complete sentences. Yes, the debates will be entertaining.

On the other side, you have President Trump. When Trump is faced with situations in which he must respond to an emotional question, he may embellish a bit, but he maintains his composure. It’s what happened after the townhall that is worth noting.

CNN immediately went on the attack against Trump, saying the event was propaganda and that he refused to answer questions. In their article, other media outlets were quoted in their attacks on the Trump event as well. It was never about the content, but all about the man they all hate.

Thursday gave us a clear picture of what is going to happen as we get closer to the November election. If Biden chooses to actually debate Trump, he is going to make mistakes and give us a clear picture of why he does not need to be President. The media will not cover the content, but only continue to press their campaign message for Biden.

It is a shame that our national media has come to this. It is a shame that you cannot rely on them to share information that is needed so people can become informed. The only propaganda that is being distributed is anything that is released on mainstream media.

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