The absence of leadership in Democrat-led areas is destroying America

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Charlotte, NC — The lack of leadership in American cities is nothing new. Across our country, large cities are being led straight to the pits of destruction by Democrat leadership. We’ve known it for quite some time, but recent events highlight the desperate situation in America’s cities.

In Seattle, rioters have established the CHAZ, or CHOP, depending on who you are talking to. This autonomous zone has taken over portions of downtown and has kept the police out of the area. Recent video footage of police entry into the zone after a recent shooting shows the despair.

If you had issues seeing it in that video, here’s a link to another where a man walked around during the day. Businesses held hostage, destruction of property, and drug use everywhere. It’s an image of complete lawlessness. He even goes into an area that is just one block away where it shows a typical representation of Seattle.

The Democrat leadership of the city has failed the citizens. The police chief recently commented on this, saying that leadership is needed after a fatal shooting in the zone. Seattle is not the only city, as many more face leadership failures.

Chicago is another city that is struggling with failures of leadership. Recently, the Chicago mayor and a US Representative wanted to speak out against the police. They were upset because the police had responded and were doing their jobs protecting the US Rep’s office as requested.

While they publicly speak out against the police, failed policy in the City of Chicago continues to lead to the death of countless citizens. As of Sunday morning, 60 people had been shot, with nine fatalities in just this weekend alone. It certainly looks like this lawlessness is leading to much more safety, isn’t it?

The stories go on and on, where Democrat leadership continues to fail Americans. Buildings and businesses destroyed. Lives taken way too soon as part of violence. Monuments and other historical markers tore down and destroyed. When will this all stop?

Not while these Democrats in office. They have a problem with authority and true leadership. They will continue to allow the destruction of America without intervening. It might upset someone if they actually respond.

Why do I say that? That is exactly what they do when President Trump responds. He leads, they complain. He acts, they lose their minds. They simply do not know how to provide or handle leadership.

Its time to replace Democrats in leadership across this country. It’s time to vote them out of office and replace them with real leaders. Not socialists, but true leaders that are focused on how to keep America the great nation that it is.

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