Our Elderly, Fathers & More — Twenty-Five Things That Caught My Eye Today, June 22, 2020

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1. New York Times: ‘They Just Dumped Him Like Trash’: Nursing Homes Evict Vulnerable Residents 

2. Distressing poll on assisted suicide/euthanasia

3. Timothy Keller: The Sin of Racism

4. Doctors are pessimistic about premature babies. Despite the evidence, we all are.

Neonatal providers often think that serious disabilities following from premature birth are worse than death, one study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found. Most parents of babies born under 2.2 pounds feel differently — as do the grown ex-preemies themselves.

5. Is the legality of assisted suicides driving up suicides in general?

“I just spoke to a woman today who wanted assisted suicide,” said Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, when contacted earlier this month. “She was sick, depressed and lonely and said she cannot go on living any longer. She wanted suicide, but she said that she didn’t have the courage to kill herself, so she was wanting to apply for assisted suicide. You can clearly see the link.”

6. Timothy P. Carney: The folly of trying to fight racism with hatred

The ill intent that Mystal claimed I held toward protesters was entirely in his mind and nowhere in my writing. My real offense wasn’t that I didn’t love the protesters, but that I didn’t hate the shopkeepers and religious people.

7. The Hill: Cuomo calls blaming his office for nursing home deaths a ‘political charade’


9. Tampa Bay Times: She was his foster mom most of his life. Now Pasco woman faces losing 3-year-old boy she wants to adopt


11. Shaken Bronx Shopkeepers Battle Back from Looting Amid Stalled Promises of City Help

“This is why people protest,’” fumed Diaz, who has been trying to help businesses targeted by looters June 1. “When you talk about systemic racism — these are minority owners. These are hardworking people who put everything into this.”

12. Police Abolitionists Need to Get Their Facts Right

13. Ramesh Ponnuru: Supreme Court Reveals Social Conservatives’ Failure

The third group of conservatives, the ones who think this case should prompt profound shifts in conservative legal philosophy, are implicitly saying that the conservative dissenters were wrong. Rather than consider themselves bound by the text or original public understanding of a legal provision, judges, in their view, should decide at least some important cases by appealing to moral truths. From their perspective, the fundamental error of Gorsuch’s opinion was using feminine pronouns for people with Y chromosomes.

14. Kristan Hawkins: If You Like Some Limits on Abortion, You Don’t Like Roe

15. Chris Arnade: Riding the Protest Wave: How Elites Will Co-opt BLM

These elites are going to turn down the volume and rewrite the lyrics, to make this moment about them, turning it corporate, eventually watering it down into a plastic wrist band they can wear, or a book they can write. A diversity day at a company that evicts poor blacks. The failed American Dream, rebooted, with the exact same software, but sporting a snazzy new BLM logo.

16. Independent: JK Rowling: Hachette UK book staff told they are not allowed to boycott author over trans row

“Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of publishing,” said Hachette in a statement. “We fundamentally believe that everyone has the right to express their own thoughts and beliefs. That’s why we never comment on our authors’ personal views and we respect our employees’ right to hold a different view.”

17. JC Watts: After lockdown and George Floyd death, this still holds true— No one is nonessential

The very thing that keeps our body together – our skin – continues to be the thing that tears our society apart. And that won’t change until the only thing defining us is the essence of who we are.

18. Tori Hope Peterson writes to Hillsdale College

I have never viewed Hillsdale College as silent. I still yearn to practice a virtue the college taught me and displayed in the midst of the most recent racial turmoil— prudence. Hillsdale College doesn’t have to be loud with their words, because they’re bold in their actions and consistent in their education, as they whisper “justice.”

19. Crux: Pope welcomes medics from hard-hit Italy region

The pope said he hoped Italy would emerge morally and spiritually stronger from the emergency and the lesson of interconnection that it taught: that individual and collective interests are intertwined.

20. Kathleen M. Gallagher: Pandemic teaches how to care for the ill and aged

Even as society struggles to ensure that the elderly, disabled and ill have access to ventilators and quality medical care, even as researchers scramble to discover a treatment and develop a vaccine, states across this country are simultaneously taking steps to remove legal and moral restrictions on the intentional killing of patients.

21. Crux: After two years in captivity, Christian schoolgirl’s example ‘should challenge us all’

What her schoolmates that returned told me was that my daughter was told she must recite the Kalima Shahada [the Islamic profession of faith]. They said my daughter would only be brought back home the day she recites Kalima Shahada,” Leah’s mother, Rebecca Sharibu told the Premium Times.


23. Publisher: Cardinal Pell’s Prison Journal Will Be ‘Spiritual Classic’



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