Misleading headline attempts to blame coronavirus spike on Trump rally

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Tulsa, OK – On Monday, Newsweek ran a misleading headline about coronavirus cases. The headline says, “Oklahoma reports highest ever daily COVID-19 cases after Trump Tulsa rally.” The headline insinuates that Trump is to blame for the spike.

In the article, it refers to the recent COVID-19 cases in the state and the county where Tulsa is located. A reference is given again that the spike comes after the Trump rally. Except that none of these cases would be as a result of the Trump rally.

The incubation period for COVID-19 is said to be 3-14 days, with the average date of symptoms being around day 4 or 5. This certainly does not stop Newsweek from running the misleading headline. It’s all about pushing the continued narrative that Trump is to blame for the coronavirus.

All around the Trump rally, precautions were taken to help protect those who chose to attend. Temperatures were checked, and masks and hand sanitizer were offered. The left-wing media still attacks the measure because it’s a conservative event.

The left certainly didn’t share any outcry during the protests. They didn’t seem upset when the protesters were not wearing masks. Those entering the CHAZ or CHOP zone are not having temperatures assessed or maintaining appropriate guidelines. Where is the outcry over that?

Ahead of the event, several campaign staffers tested positive for COVID-19. None of those staffers were present at the event, and no other risk of exposure was identified according to the Trump Campaign. The media continued to build on that throughout the event attacking Trump for his move to hold the rally.

The media has celebrated Joe Biden’s campaign method of staying indoors and holding socially distanced rallys. In the latest images, Biden appeared to have around 10-15 people at a rally. That’s hard from calling it a campaign rally, isn’t it? It’s more like a press briefing.

ABC News has argued against the President’s rally for the fact he has low coronavirus response approval ratings. Notably, the numbers are 2 points higher than in the last assessed period, but that did not stop ABC News from using them to attack Trump.

Trump is not responsible for the coronavirus. We’ve covered this many times; China is responsible for the virus. The Chinese government failed to notify the international community of the crisis. They withheld vital information. They conspired with the WHO to keep the outbreak under wraps.

The media will not tell you this, however. They would instead continue to push the agenda and blame President Trump. A lot of people will read the misleading headline from Newsweek and fall for it. The spike is not Trump’s fault; it’s China’s.

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