Looters Destroy Ohio Woman’s Cupcake Shop, Then People Threaten Her Life for Cooperating With Police

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An Ohio cupcake shop owner says she is receiving death threats for cooperating with police after her store was destroyed by looters.

Kelly Kandah owns Colossal Cupcakes in Cleveland, which was targeted by the rioters late last month while she and four of her employees hid in the bathroom. She has credited the police with saving their lives.

Appearing on Fox & Friends, Kandah said that along with the death threats, there have been people saying that once she rebuilds the shop “it’s going to get hit again.”

The small business owner said that people are upset that she is working with the FBI, which they say is “against the cause. She explained that “I’m actually absolutely for the cause, but it’s upsetting people that I would involve the police over something such as property.”

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Kandah has owned the cupcake shop for ten years and has spent a significant part of her life building it up. Her toil and aspirations were brought to nothing in just one night of mayhem.

“My family built it up, [I] listened to it get absolutely destroyed,” Kandah told Fox News in another interview earlier this month. “That whole time we were locked in there … I just listened to everything getting shattered and crushed.”

Kandah said that a week after her store was ransacked, a man walked by and threatened her to her face.

“I was showing some of the damage and I was leaving, a friend and myself, and someone walking by approached us and said, ‘When the store rebuilds, when you rebuild this, I’m going to come back and destroy it again and you.’ He kept walking and was gone,” she explained.

The cupcake shop owner is now frightened to reopen.

“What do you say to the critics that say because you called the police, because you are thanking them now for saving your life that you are racist and you don’t support black lives?” Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt asked.

“It’s just really sad,” Kandah said in response. “Unfortunately my store is not open right now and I’m so involved with the community and I’m so involved with our inner-city schools and I’m so for the cause that I do a lot of community service. Right now, I can’t. I don’t have anything being brought in to be able to donate as much as I usually do.”

Tandre Buchanan, 22, has been arrested for the vandalism of her shop.

“The FBI said Buchanan used a stool to smash through the store’s windows. Several others are accused of looting the store and nearby businesses, and there were at least three other men with Buchanan at the time, the FBI said. Authorities are seeking their identities,” Cleveland.com reported earlier this month.

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