The media immediately labels Trump rally a failure

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Washington, DC — On Saturday, President Trump returned to the campaign trail for the first time since March. There was much hype around the event, as is usual with Trump campaign events. Immediately following the event, the media went on the attack, labeling the event as a failure.

The media immediately attacked and mocked Trump on the size of the crowd. The NY Times said that the event sputtered, choosing to show one section of empty seats to push the narrative that the arena was “mostly empty.” On many photos, the upper level had attendees scattered sparsely, but the lower level was full with many attendees on the floor level.

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Even if at half the arena’s capacity, the Trump campaign turned out about 10,000 attendees to the event. After months of media reporting on the coronavirus, turning out 10,000 people would normally be seen as a win. They certainly would have celebrated such a turnout for the riots across the country.

CNN said that the event went from bad to worse. In one part of the article, it says, “Once viewed inside the White House and Trump’s campaign as a reset button for a presidency, beset by crises and self-inflicted wounds, Saturday evening’s campaign rally in Tulsa instead became plagued with pitfalls, a disappointing microcosm of the blindspots, denial and wishful thinking that have come to guide the President as he enters one of the most precarious moments of his first term.”

Aside from the negative coverage, the content of the event was what would generally be expected. Trump talked coronavirus, used the opportunity to attack Democrats, and talked about the destruction of monuments across the country.

At one point, he made reference to AOC and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. His comments at Bowser were around her support of the BLM movement. Bowser must have been watching the event, as she did not take long to comment back.

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The event was not the typical Trump rally that we have all come to expect, but was far from a failure in the overall sense. This clearly sets the mark as the reset point for the campaign that was interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. It shows that there is still excitement for the President and his reelection. It’s certainly a different look than what Biden is seeing at his rallies.

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