TV News Host Claims He Wasn’t Hired For ABC Job Just Because He’s White

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In America, we used to believe in a meritocratic society, where the most qualified person would get a job regardless of their skin color, religion or any other immutable characteristics. At least we used to.

Over at ABC News, management appears to have rejected this principle. According to Elex Michaelson, a former employee of Los Angeles’ KABC-TV who currently works at KTTV-TV in the city, he was rejected for a job at ABC because of his skin color.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, who had a dream that his “four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character,” would be horrified.

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It’s shocking that Barbara Fedida, the head of talent at ABC, would openly admit that the network engages in such regressive hiring practices. Apparently, they have no shame. Michaelson’s tweet came at a time when Fedida has been suspended for making racially insensitive remarks to minority employees at the network.

The hiring practices at ABC imply that leadership there believes America is a racist society. It looks like if the network really wanted to root out racism, all it had to do was fire its head of talent.

As for Michaelson, he expressed his wish that “going forward, this culture where race is so cavalierly & crudely discussed by executives with hiring & firing power…is over.” The rest of America should second that wish.

It appears as if Fedida’s behavior is actually quite common in the establishment media, which portrays itself as super-woke. Former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien alleged that an executive at the network told her she could not have Roland Martin on her show because he “isn’t the ‘right kind of’ Black person.”

The media have made a cottage industry out of baselessly trashing President Donald Trump and Republicans as racist. As it turns out, the media should have been looking in the mirror.

Sadly, Michaelson and O’Brien’s experiences should not come as that much of a surprise. In recent years, the far left appears to be working hard to reverse the progress America has made in becoming a colorblind society.

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In the newly formed “nation” of “CHOP” in Seattle, protesters have demanded the implementation of a “race-based system of care at hospitals where black people would be served by black health care workers.”

Are you surprised to hear this story of racial discrimination?

The toxic ideas that these radical leftists subscribe to most likely originated on campus. Many big-name colleges and universities have begun holding segregated events for students based on their skin color.

George Mason University had a “Black Freshmen Orientation” in 2018 and a large number of institutes of higher education, including Yale and Harvard, hold graduation ceremonies specifically for black students.

Other colleges, including the University of Connecticut and California State Los Angeles, offer “racially segregated housing for black students.”

Racism is wrong, no matter who practices it or who it is used against. It should not take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Those who have traveled enough have probably seen “Coexist” bumper stickers on cars driven by liberals. If only liberals and the establishment media actually practiced what they preached.

The Western Journal reached out to ABC for comment regarding the allegations.

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