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Bill Buckley founded National Review to promote liberty and conservative principles. That mission remains as vital as ever. Indeed, to look at America just during the last month is to know that it may be more vital than ever. But the magazine business — the website business in our digital age — is a tough one. To remain viable, NR has always relied on our dearest friends and supporters, who, invariably, have been our readers.

It is that way as much or more than ever before. But this is not a charity pitch. It’s a strong suggestion, maybe even a gentle nudge, that you overcome inertia and become a more integral part of our community — a place, a movement, where you already know you belong. You were drawn to NR, like I was, by what you get out of it — the most thoughtful, provocative, passionate but sober-minded articulation of conservative ideas you can find anywhere.

We are very proud of the high quality, the variety of powerful voices, and the wide range — from politics and policy to books and the arts. You can help us keep it that way by subscribing. That is the best way to support stellar journalism. And you can help yourself by joining NRPLUS. That is the best way to avoid the things that frustrate the modern reading experience: the ads and the paywalls. And it’s the best way to access all our content and become engaged with other members of the NR community . . . including our writers.

You are reading this, which means you are here — you know this place, this website, and this institution has great value for you. And we’re very grateful because having you here enriches us.

We hope you’ll subscribe. (Today is a great day to do so — NRPLUS is 60 percent off.) While you’re here, we’d also suggest that you take the few seconds it takes to sign up for our FREE e-newsletters, by clicking here. Most of all, we thank you for being here.

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