NJ Man Heckles Gov. Murphy For Double Standard On Allowing Protests Despite Quarantine: “Hypocrite,” “Dictator” | Video

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During an interview Monday with “Today Show” host Savannah Guthrie, an irate Asbury Park man expressed his anger at Gov. Phil Murphy for changing the rules to allow massive protests while still requiring small businesses to remain closed over the coronavirus.

Guthrie told Murphy: “You had to go to court, actually, a fight with Asbury Park. The local town wanted to have indoor dining… In the end, you won in court, but the larger battle is going on literally as we speak. There are business owners who are enraged that this reopening hasn’t happened sooner.”

“Yeah. I mean, listen, you mentioned this, we were the second hardest hit state in the America, over 12,600 fatalities. The virus indoors is far more lethal than when it’s outdoors,” Murphy began.

“He’s a dictator! He’s a traitor! He’s a hypocrite!” a man can be heard saying.

“So we have to be very careful about opening up things that are inside, lack of ventilation, close proximity… There’s no question we’ll get there. We’re just not ready yet,” Murphy continued.

“I don’t know if people can hear, we have a heckler who’s yelling about this very thing,” Guthrie noted. “I mean, this rage that people feel about businesses not being opened fast enough, it’s real… Why aren’t you moving more quickly? You know, a lot of business owners say it’s kind of arbitrary. Why can I walk into Home Depot with 100 people, but I can’t go have a meal?”

“Yeah, I mean, this guy deserves to say what he wants to say,” Murphy said. “But honestly, overwhelmingly, the majority of folks get it.”

“We’ve seen the protests that have gone on. You yourself attended one of the protests, you then changed the rules so that outdoor gatherings of more than 100 people could go on. But, again, some business owners see a disconnect there, they see a double standard,” the host added.

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