Michigan COVID-19 Numbers For June 14th, 2020

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Welcome to the FIFTEENTH week of posting numbers for COVID-19 here in the State of Michigan as released by the Official Michigan Government website. These are the numbers released earlier this afternoon by the State of Michigan.

*The total number of confirmed cases: 59,990 which is a 189 person increase from the previous day.

*Deaths: 5,770 total deceased which is a 3 person increase from the previous day.

*Currently 9.6% of those who have been confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 have perished. This leaves the survival rate currently at 90.4%. (This does NOT reflect all 9.9 million people in the state, just those who have tested positive.)

*The state is reporting that only 44,964 have recovered from COVID-19 since June 12th.

*Overall Percentage of Cases by Sex:

47% are Men

53% are Women

1% Unknown

*Overall Percentage of Deceased by Sex:

52% of Men (change of 0% from the previous day)

47% of Women (change of 0% from the previous day)

**At the suggestion of a reader of these posts, I will also be combining Wayne, Oakland and Macomb County totals being that is the bulk of Metro Detroit.**

*Combined tri-county area ( including Detroit) number of cases confirmed 36,468 which accounts for 60.7% of the cases in the state.

*Combined tri-county area ( including Detroit) number of deaths confirmed 4,430 which accounts for 79.5% of the deaths in the state.

*Detroit and Wayne County lead the state with 21,023 cases or 35.0% of the total in the state.

*Detroit and Wayne County account for 2,552 of the deaths in the state which are 44.2% of the current total in the state.

The city of Detroit is in the County of Wayne so that is why they are combined here.


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