“That Was Blown by the Obama Administration”

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Former DNI Richard Grenell joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this weekend.

This comes after Ric turned over his position as America’s Director of National Intelligence over to incoming DNI John Ratcliffe.

Ric told Maria Bartiromo there were multiple people from multiple agencies who were raising red flags. However, those voices were pushed aside, classified and never shown to the public. Ric urged viewers to read the footnotes in the IG Report on FISA abuse to learn more about the warnings that were ignored or purposely disregarded by the intelligence community on the bogus Russia collusion investigation. Said Ric, “Transparency is what the American people demand and is what Washington DC is very uncomfortable with.”

Richard Grenell: I think the Transition period is key. And once Donald Trump won the election in 2016 all the way through to inauguration… That’s when we’re supposed to have the Obama administration or the current administration begin to hand off and have a transition time. That’s why we have an election in November and an inauguration in January. It’s for a peaceful transition of power. That was blown by the Obama administration. And I just don’t think that unmasking during the transition period is appropriate. Especially at the levels they did.

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Barack Obama was the first president in over 200 years to sabotage the incoming administration. The Obama team spied on, unmasked, leaked and spread complete lies in order to sabotage the incoming Trump administration.

Via Sunday Morning Futures:

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