“We Are Scared for Our Lives”

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A very bizarre incident happened today to George Papadopoulos and his lovely wife Simona Papadopoulos.

George and Simone wrote about the incident and called the police after an “Australian man” tried to get inside their home fraudulently.

George and Simona both wrote about it today on Twitter.

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According to George Papadopoulos, “An Australian man, likely an agent, just walked up to my wife trying to barge into my home to “see George,” showing her a fake number with one digit off of mine saying he has been talking to me. I have been vocal about Australia’s involvement in spygate. The police are involved.”

George: As this Australian agent was speaking to my wife “and texting me” showing her that it was “me” whom he was speaking to, I was texting her to call the police. She ended up taking a pic of his phone and the fake number he used to try to trick her into letting him in the house.

Simona took a screenshot from the man’s phone.

We reached out to George and Simona Papadopoulos earlier following this frightening event earlier today.

And we spoke with Simona Papadopoulos tonight. Simona told us, “What happened today was really scary. I was heading out from our home this morning and I found right in front of the door of my house this man with an Australian accent. He pretended to have an appointment with George at our home. I was not aware of any appointment. He said he was talking to my husband right now. And then I asked him how he had my husband’s number? At first he told me, “Oh I got this number from Craig’s list which is not true because George is not on Craig’s List.” Simona continued, “Then he said an agency gave me his number. I’ve been talking to him the last couple of days. I’m talking to him right now. And George was home, he heard this and was texting me to call the police.”

Then it got really weird. Simona described what happened next, “I told him George was not here. He then said, “I’m talking to your husband right now. If he is not here can you show me around the house?” Then he showed me a text. We later tried to call this number but it’s disconnected. It doesn’t exist. So what this person was trying to do was to get into my home.”

Simona and George called the police this evening. The police told them no crime was committed. The encounter today happened after George went on with Maria Bartiromo and was talking about Australian intelligence.

Simona ended with this, “Actually we are scared for our lives.”

What a bizarre incident. Simona said she is very scared.

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