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I have waited until today to declare this the quote of the week:

We are just now beginning to see what it means when the people who run large parts of America fundamentally lose their minds. To refer to this class as an elite is shorthand for describing the people who occupy the commanding heights above the intersection of mass culture, communications, education, and Democratic Party politics. We are not talking about Ivy League mandarins arguing fine points about literary etiquette, or white-shoe Park Avenue lawyers deciding on the next junior senator from New York, or ladies-who-lunch dining at a restaurant that prefers not to serve blacks and Jews. No, it is the people you see every day, smart and ambitious young people like the African American lawyer who graduated Princeton and NYU and throws Molotov cocktails at police cars.

Politicians like New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio who govern the besieged cities, preferred to let chaos reign in order to oppose Trump at the expense of their constituents, and are now exposed as incompetent lunatics. The public health industry has also shown itself to be a politicized warren. More than 1,000 public health experts and officials signed a letter saying that it was OK to ignore COVID-19 lockdown guidelines and torch cities since racism was a much greater health risk than the coronavirus. Municipal leaders around the country are now looking to realize their new rallying cry—Defund the Police!

Who will protect their constituents? The members of antifa and Black Lives Matter? What will it be like to live in a country where it is impossible to trust those responsible for the basics of public safety and health?

This is the conclusion of Lee Smith’s Tablet column “Obama to the rescue.” Please read the whole thing.

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