Harwood: Trump Does “What He Thinks White People In Authority Should Do,” Dependent On “Racial Conflict” | Video

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John Harwood said on Thursday President Trump does what he believes white people in authority should do and that racism in contemporary America is about false accusations of racism against white people. In an appearance on CNN analyzing Trump’s remarks on race relations at a forum in Dallas, Harwood said the president is “stuck in a mental space of racial conflict.”

“He is stuck in a mental space of racial conflict,” Harwood told CNN host Don Lemon. “That’s what he has known throughout his life, as a businessman, as a politician. And so he was celebrating the forceful putdown of dissent today in that roundtable. That’s what he thinks white people in authority should do. He believes that, and many Republicans agree with him, that racism is really in contemporary America about the false accusations of racism against white people.”

“There was a Pew poll last year that showed that Republicans were more likely to say whites faced a lot of racism than blacks,” Harwood said. “That is not a formula for action on this problem, and the president is demonstrating his isolation.”

Earlier in the day, Harwood said on the network that the president’s planned rally in Tulsa on Juneteenth is consistent with his dependence on “racial conflict.”

HARWOOD: Now, as for the president, we know that he’s going to Dallas today to appear at a white evangelical church. That’s a political safe space for him. Evangelicals are core supporters. We don’t know what his aides are going to goad him to say that he’ll accept either in legislation or in executive order, but we know where his heart, is and his heart is in escalating racial divisions. That’s been his political history.

We know that the president has this morning tweeted that — a taunt, really, at those protesters who federal forced tear gas and rubber bullets on last week. He said it was a walk in the park to handle those protesters last week.

We also can see the same pattern in the scheduling of his first rally for his re-election campaign next Friday in Tulsa, Oklahoma. There was a racial massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma a century ago. Moreover it occurs on June the 19th. Juneteenth is a day in which African-Americans commemorate their emancipation from slavery.

Now, was that the president’s purpose in scheduling this in Tulsa on that day? Obviously, we can’t say from the outside, but it’s certainly is consistent with the pattern of a president who is dependent on racial conflict for his political success and shows no sign in turning in a different direction.

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