America’s Worst Governor? [Updated]

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(John Hinderaker)

I know, it’s a stiff competition. My own governor, Tim Walz, is certainly in the running. But Washington’s Jay Inslee pulled ahead in the competition by being unaware of the fact that Antifa fascists have taken over part of the city of Seattle and declared it independent of the United States:

A reporter asked Inslee about the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone during the governor’s press conference on Wednesday, noting that the antifa militants had shut down part of the city and were “not allowing people to come and go freely.” He did not mention the fact that antifa had commandeered the Seattle Police East Precinct.

“That’s news to me. So, I’ll have to reserve any comment about it. I have not — I have not heard anything about that… from any credible source,” Inslee said, with a chuckle. “Not that you’re not credible, it’s just before I espouse and opinion I should know of which I speak.” He laughed again after giving this response.

If the governor of Washington has not heard about the open revolt taking place in the state’s largest city — in the Capitol Hill district, no less! — then he is utterly incompetent. But his next response proved equally insane.

The reporter responded with a follow-up question, asking whether or not Inslee would bring in the National Guard to open up the city when “protesters” had erected barricades to block streets.

“You know, that’s a hypothetical. Look, we’ve got to have safety. I’m sure that people will find a way to have public safety everywhere in the state, I’m confident of that,” Inslee said. “The National Guard is demobilizing, over two-thirds of them are demobilized as of yesterday.”

“People will find a way to have public safety.” Without any help from their governor, apparently.

UPDATE: Seattle’s Mayor is no better than Washington’s Governor: she compares Antifa’s occupation of a good-sized chunk of Seattle to a block party. Or–arguing in the alternative, as lawyers say–the “block party” is Trump’s fault.

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