Suggesting stimulus checks brings out the VP candidates

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Washington, DC — On Wednesday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin suggested that the administration was taking a more serious look at additional checks to Americans amid the coronavirus pandemic. He suggested that a look may need to happen into unemployment, but that the government would need a bipartisan bill to put more money into the economy.

His statements come after a prominent Democrat renewed her call for monthly payments of $2,000 to Americans. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) said that $2,000 monthly payments were needed for Americans for the duration of the pandemic.

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It is not surprising that Harris is becoming more outspoken recently, having pushed for the Justice in Policing Act and then again for this stimulus payment. It’s also not surprising the media is covering her more heavily now. It may be part of the plan.

Joe Biden is being pushed to select a black female running mate for the November election. Many had suggested that Elizabeth Warren was the front runner of late, but amid the recent racial tensions, the calls have been that Biden must select a black running mate.

I suggested months ago that Biden would win the nomination on a podcast episode. I then said that the most likely running mate for Biden would be Kamala Harris. I even repeated this statement on a guest appearance on another podcast.

News media is reporting that the public favorability of Kamala Harris is on the rise. Newsweek has her favorability up 6 points, in its most recent poll, to 59%. It certainly seems she may be the front runner if a black female is selected.

While many on the left view her favorably, she’s just another want to be Democrat. She failed to win much support in the primary, aside from one strong debate performance. She has proven her worth to Biden recently, raising $3.5 million for him in a recent fundraiser.

Harris speaks very well when she’s on stage. She’s a polished politician that will help him with the black communities around the country. The question is does she bring any strength to the ticket?

She does not appeal to the progressive base. While she chased the socialist ideas, she is not as radical as most on the extreme left would like. While I think she may be the best available choice to Biden, it does not help him build a winning ticket necessarily.

Biden has not committed to announcing his running mate anytime soon. I would speculate that he announces by the middle of July in order to build some momentum for the DNC. He will also need some time to calm any fears about his choice, because someone somewhere is not going to be happy with it.

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