Biden Lays Groundwork for Election Doubt with Wild Claim About Trump Trying To ‘Steal’ Election

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When it comes to presidential politics, it’s preemptive poisoning.

Five months out from the 2020 election, presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden is laying the groundwork Americans to doubt the integrity of the country’s political process — and tipping the Democratic Party’s hand to how it will react to a loss in November.

“It’s my greatest concern, my single greatest concern,” Biden told Comedy Central host Trevor Noah.

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“This president is going to try to steal this election. This is a guy who said that all mail-in ballots are fraudulent, voting by mail, while he sits behind the desk in the Oval Office and writes his mail-in ballot to vote in a primary.”

It’s important to remember that back in 2016, it was the presidential candidate for Biden’s party – Hillary Clinton – who accused Trump of posing a “threat to our democracy.”

“He became the first person, Republican or Democrat, who refused to say that he would respect the results of this election. Now, that is a direct threat to our democracy,” Clinton said at an Oct. 24, 2016, rally in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Joe Biden’s words were a bigger threat than anything Trump came close to.

Is Biden setting the stage for Democratic reaction to a Trump victory?

Biden’s statement was nothing other than a declaration — a warning — that Democrats are not prepared to accept a Trump victory on any terms.

If, despite all the garbage Democrats and their duplicitous #Resistance allies in the national media have thrown at him over the years, the American people reward Trump’s performance with a second term in the November election, Biden has already set himself and his party up to claim the election was stolen.

Naturally, Biden had plenty of supporters — anti-Trump activists conditioned by four years of mainstream media brainwashing are as predictable as Pavlov’s dogs — but fortunately for the future of the Republic, there were plenty who saw right through Biden’s argument for the malarkey it was.

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This one nails it perfectly.

Every American should remember the disgrace of the riots that marred Trump’s inauguration, when the country got its first taste of what the #Resistance to the Trump presidency was going to look like.

The years that followed — with the “Russia collusion” hoax, the endless, baseless mainstream media attacks (anyone remember how the 2018 Helsinki summit was going to be the end of the Trump presidency?) and the ludicrously weak impeachment case — were more of the same.

And now, the all-but-certain nominee of the Democratic Party has preemptively accused the president of planning to steal an American presidential election. It amounted to a strategy preview, and it was disturbing.

The aftermath of November’s vote was always going to be ugly, considering Democratic contempt for the republican government established by the Founders. On Wednesday night, in an interview on Comedy Central of all places, Joe Biden virtually ensured it’s going to be violent too.

Biden and his party are doing their best to poison American politics. The only question now is how many of his countrymen are willing to swallow it.

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