GoFundMe displays discrimination standard in how they handle situation

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Charlotte, NC – Over the weekend, GoFundMe was in the news on two different issues. On one side, it was the story of George Floyd and the campaign to help his family. On the other, it was a suspended campaign amid questionable comments.

For the Floyd family, the GoFundMe campaign surpassed $13 million in donations. It is the highest level of individual donations ever received on the platform. Over 500,000 donations were received from 125 different countries. The donations are expected to cover funeral expenses, burial expenses, and arrange for care for the family for many years to come.

In other news, a GoFundMe campaign that was organized by Candace Owens was suspended by the organization. They said that the campaign was to support a business that was in violation of it’s terms of service. Specifically, they do not want to support any business that promotes racism, hate, bullying, etc. You can see the statement in the screen shot shared by Owens below.

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The GoFundMe Owens set up was to support the man’s business, not the man correctly, as Owens has said in other statements. The man sent private text messages that described protestors as idiots and suggested a potential protest tax on items because his business being limited in the hours it could open due to the protests. He also called George Floyd a thug.

George Floyd did not deserve to die in police custody. That is certainly clear. What happened is unacceptable and must be punished to the full extent of the law. The left has claimed that Floyd is to be celebrated as a symbol of peace. Maybe he has made a change to his lifestyle, but his past tells that he was far from a peaceful person.

These are things that Owens highlighted in a viral video that was shared about Floyd. He was previously convicted of multiple crimes. He plead guilty to dressing like a government official and leading a home invasion of a woman in Texas. He held a gun to her stomach during the event.

He has a history of another firearm robbery in the past. He was convicted of multiple drug offenses. He moved to Minnesota for a fresh start from his past and very well may have changed. His past did not justify his death that day in Minnesota.

The history shows that Floyd is far from a perfect individual, but he is being celebrated as a martyr and a hero. This definitely should not happen. There is no problem at all protesting the tragic death that should have never happened.

GoFundMe is displaying discrimination against the man in Alabama for sharing his personal feelings in a private setting. Anyone in their right mind would agree that Floyd did not deserve to die that day, but you cannot deny the past that is there. You also cannot ignore the violence that has resulted as part of the protests that turned into riots.

Discrimination is a two-way street. Across the country, conservatives are under fire for any opinion that goes against the revolution that the left is trying to push. How dare we have any suggestion of common sense.

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