Dem’ Backstabbers Are At It Again!

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Despite their failed attempt in Virginia, what’s next for Democrats in their fight against guns?

(Richmond) On Friday, Virginia Republican State Senator, William Stanley, Jr. took to Facebook to announce that he tried to amend the state budget to give all men and women of Virginia’s sheriffs’ departments a 3% raise for this year. It was defeated, with all Democrats voting “no.” Stanley took to Facebook to share his displeasing of the Democrat’s actions.

This example illustrates the intent perfectly, the extreme measures that Democrats are willing to go to force their gun-control policies among our nation’s populations. In Virginia, the Democrats suffered utter defeat at the hands of thousands of pro-gun and law-abiding citizens who stood up to defend their right to keep and bear arms.

Our readers may recall, Virginia Democrats attempted to pass quickly measures that would ban guns in certain areas and buildings, require universal background checks, limit how frequently people can buy firearms (limiting one gun purchase per month), and allow law enforcement to take away arms from someone they deem dangerous by process of Red Flag Laws. As I previously stated, for now, these measures have been tabled until after the 2020 Presidential Election – however, best assured that Democrats and Virginia Governor Ralph Northam have not given up on this fight.

It is no secret that Democrats don’t handle defeat well. If you need a reminder, look at the utter bitterness of Liberals over the last three years that President Trump has been in office after he crushed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Since the Democratic Defeat in Virginia, some may have thought that they would take their ball, leave the field and go home. Sadly, that isn’t the case. Over the last week, other states that followed in the footsteps binged on Liberal Kool-Aid and have rolled out their versions of radical and restrictive gun policy. The most recent, of course, was Arizona.

Across the nation, local governments have passed “Second Amendment Protections,” ultimately drawing a line in the sand against any state or federal legislation that would infringe on law-abiding citizen’s rights to keep or bear arms. Many on the Left have dismissed these actions as a “redneck retort” of sorts. However, had the Virginia Governor and his legislative minions had been successful in passing these restrictive measures, it would have no doubt pinned families and law enforcement officers against one another.

Which brings me back to Virginia lawmakers asinine attempt to block increase pay for sheriff’s deputies across the state. What we have here is a clear case of hypocrisy. Here we have Virginia lawmakers placing law enforcement into battle zones – forcing sworn officers, men, and women alike, into an impossible task of disarming law-abiding citizens – and forcing the non-compliant into overnight “Felonhood.” Our brave men and women who proudly serve and protect our nation’s freedom abroad receive hazard duty pay, which equivalates to around $150.00 extra per month.

The average deputy in Virginia earns around $2,857 per month. A 3% pay increase would result in about another $85 per month. Now, I ask our readers not to misconstrue my statements here. Our men and women in uniform serve our nation well. These heroes protect our lives and liberty each day – all the while being separated from their families. Sadly, many paying the ultimate sacrifice as a result of their service. However, the utter thought of placing local law enforcement into hostile situations that would require disarming citizens without the idea of hazard pay is total ignorance, and a Liberal attempt to hold ransom law enforcement compliance and obedience.

As the 2020 Presidential Election continues, every Democrat seeking the Oval Office promises a comprehensive gun control policy within their first 100 days in office. A top of these Liberal Lunatics is Bernie Sanders – a self-proclaimed Socialist, who is hell-bent on a robust and centralized government that will control every aspect of daily life for our nation’s citizens. History has taught us well the true intentions of Socialism – it is to even the playing field of citizens into utter destitution, and demanding complete obedience to government. There is just one little problem – and it is over 393 million privately owned firearms in the United States.

Today’s proclaimed Progressive Democrats and radical Socialists know that to force their policies among our citizens, they must first disarm them. Little by little, and nibble by nibble, today’s members of the Left are chipping away at our individual freedom. Bernie Sanders and the other Dazed and Confused members of the DNC have repeatedly stated that only the federal government needs to possess firearms. Therein lies the problem.

Today, gun sanctuary cities have provided guns to only the criminals – look at how that mess has turned out. Democratic-led towns and cities across our nation taut the highest murder and violent crime rates. Innocent lives of law-abiding citizens are being plucked daily as a result of these failed Liberal policies. These measures have rendered populations defenseless – and now, the members of the Left want to disarm our nation, make all of us helpless to their policies, and demand obedience.


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